Sudoku Crusher(Strongest Sudoku solver)

Sudoku of all sizes can be solved from photo or image.

Sudoku, Overlapping Sudoku, Slitherlink and Kakuro - Auto solver

This is a site that solves Sudoku, Slitherlink and Kakuro from text or image.
Calculation is done on the server.

Demo video


Smartphone app capture

Smartphone app capture

From a photo of Sudoku

From a photo of Sudoku

From a photo of overlapping Sudoku

From a photo of overlapping Sudoku

List of supported puzzles

Sudoku / Number place

Overlapping Sudoku

Slitherlink / Suriza / Fences / Loop the loop

Kakuro / Addition-cross


Supported image types

Scanned image
Handwriting ×

Important points

Brightness Please use photo flash.
Ruled line Grid of points are not recognized.
White letter/white border Not supported.
Direction of camera mark Direction of camera mark Please turn the camera mark upward.
Shooting range Make sure all the puzzle parts are included in the image.
Image tilt There is no problem if it is a little.
Image size Please make the size of one cell 40px or more.

Contact / Feature request / Bug report

From here
You do not need an email address because it is only a form.

Release schedule

  • Improve accuracy and speed
  • Diagonal(Sudoku)

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